John Deere 190G W Wheeled Excavator

May 21, 2018
John Deere 190G W excavator has a 173 horsepower engine that does not require DPF aftertreatment.

The 190G W wheeled excavator has a 173-horsepower Isuzu Tier 4-F engine that does not require DPF aftertreatment, instead burning particulates in-cylinder. Operating weight ranges between 43,431 and 45,300 pounds.

Top roading speed is 21.7 mph, and an optional two-piece boom is available. A split-type hood provides engine access from the front, and same-side filters and water separator at ground level.

Other features include an enhanced LCD monitor, LED lights connected to the reconfigured counterweight, and larger a handrail to keep operator safety a priority.

The excavator has a heavy-duty undercarriage and D-channel side frames. Added strength comes from welded bulkheads within the boom that resist torsional stress, tungsten-carbide thermal-coated arm surfaces, and oil-impregnated bushings. An enlarged cover provides additional protection for the blade cylinder, and a reinforced outrigger cylinder further boosts component durability.

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