JLG LRT Series Scissor Lift

By Gianna Annunzio, Associate Editor | July 20, 2018
JLG LRT series scissor lifts have improved controls

The LRT series of rough-terrain scissor lifts has improved controls, including system upgrades. Left and right steer functions now receive renewed digital inputs designed to provide a higher level of functionality and improved response for the operator. The leveling jack interface now integrates a dedicated leveling function within the current lift/drive switch.

All machine calibrations can now be performed from the stowed position with a single click of the analyzer, and the refined elevation sensor calibration no longer requires recalibration after a software update. Additionally, all LRT models are now calibrated with the same procedure, which has been simplified to improve serviceability. A 60-degree swing-out engine tray and fold-down ladder improve access to engine and hydraulics.

The 530LRT now has the same hood and ladder design as the 330LRT and the 430LRT, and the entire series is equipped with new mufflers, lowering the sound level by 5 percent. Engine noise and vibration levels are reduced by engine isolators and improved door bumper locations.

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