Jekko USA SPX 209, 312, and 1275 Mini-Cranes

April 28, 2014

Jekko USA has three new models in its mini-crane range—SPX 209, SPX 312, and SPX 1275—with respective lift capacities of 2,180; 2,640; and 16,500 pounds. Maximum extension of the telescopic hydraulic boom for the three models is 20, 25, and 58 feet, respectively. According to Jekko, its range of compact-crawler mini-cranes is designed to provide lifting and maneuvering capabilities in confined work areas, and each model is equipped with retractable outriggers and allows single-person operation. Jekko also is now distributing the JIB300GR modular grabber, which is specially designed to enable its SPX 1040 mini-crane to grasp, rotate, and maneuver pipes and poles.