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JCB Teleskid

Industry first skid steer and track loader complete with a telescopic boom

March 08, 2017
JCB Teleskid has a telescopic boom.

JCB has launched the world’s first skid steer and compact track loader with a telescopic boom. The JCB Teleskid is a revolutionary new product that can reach 60 percent further forward than any other skid steer on the market and - in an industry first - it is the only skid steer in the world that can dig below its chassis to an unparalleled depth of three feet. Additionally, the JCB Teleskid can reach 8 percent higher than any other skid steer.

The JCB Teleskid has a forward reach of 8-ft – making it 60 percent better than the nearest competitive machine.  With a lift height of 13-ft, the company says the JCB Teleskid can reach 8 percent higher than any other skid steer in the world.

The JCB Teleskid can do the work of four machines - a telescopic handler, masted forklift, compact loader and a skid steer. The telescopic boom will allow operators to load trucks without a ramp, reach over kerbing and dig below ground, with clear visibility of the attachment. It has the ability to combine vertical and radial lift capability. A unique bucket-positioning levelling system allows the bucket level to be set and maintained throughout the boom’s range of movement.

A 74hp (55kW)JCB Ecomax engine will provide high torque at a low RPM and ensure compliance with Tier 4 Final / Stage IIIB emissions standards.

The Teleskid  fully enclosed cab is 33 percent larger than industry average, and JCB’s myCHOICE software, allowing control responsiveness and joystick sensitivity to be tailored to suit operator preferences.

Tracked and wheeled Teleskid models will be sold in North America, while European markets will be offered the wheeled variant which is most popular in that region.

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