JCB 325T ForestMaster Compact Track Loader

March 8, 2015

JCB has developed the 325T ForestMaster, a compact track loader designed specifically to deal with the working conditions found in the forestry, timber and land-clearing industries.

Featuring additional protection for both the operator and the machine, the 325T ForestMaster also incorporates a heavy-duty recovery winch. This specialized compact track loader is powered by JCB’s Ecomax Tier 4-Final engine, with no requirement for a DPF or any aftertreatment.

Key features include the recovery winch, front work light protection and FOPS guard for A/C and rear lights, a track tube guard plus hydraulic hose and auxiliary coupler guard, and a Lexan front screen with hinging front mesh guard plus Level 2 FOPS.

The 325T’s Ecomax engine delivers 74 horsepower across a broad rev range from 1,200 rpm. This high-torque engine features an advanced combustion system, with ultra-high common rail fuel injection pressures and EGR, allowing it to meet Tier 4- Final emissions standards without the need for a DPF or regeneration. This is particularly important in forestry applications, as the heat created during regeneration creates a fire hazard when combined with high amounts of timber chaff and sawdust.