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June 2013

June 01, 2013


The leaning-wheel principle on full display, with two 12-foot Adams graders forming a ditch in McLean County, Ill. The first grader slopes the outside bank and places spoil in the ditch, and the second draws it out to the roadbed while trimming the inside bank.

Great companies focus on these four critical areas, and make sure they execute well in each.

The T880’s cab is 8 inches wider and the hood’s sculpted lines are smoother than what have been seen for 27 years on T800 trucks, like those at right. New complex-reflector headlamps are flush with fenders and use inexpensive halogen bulbs. As with all T-series Kenworths, the 880 has a setback steer axle.

Cat D9 dozer

Multiple supplemental-filtration systems, including a hydraulic by-pass installation, provide added protection for this dozer.

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