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Iowa Mold Tooling 6000 Telescopic Crane


Truck Mounted Cranes

IMT 6000 model telescopic truck-mounted crane is rated at 39,000 ft.-lb. and has a maximum capacity of 6,000 lb. and 22 feet of reach. The 6000 model joins the company’s Series III lineup, which can be mounted on the company’s Dominator mechanics trucks or on other truck bodies. Patent-pending Penta Boom has a flat top to eliminate stress concentrations, and a half hex control tracking at long reaches, according to IMT. The boom has 10 degrees of negative angle, LED overload indicator lights on the remote control handle, flop sheave boom tip, planetary winch, and patent-pending boom hook stow. The new IMT Dominator Series III bodies have been modified to enhance stability and support for the increased reach and capacity of the Series III cranes.

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