Iowa Infrastructure Projects

By Tom Hale | September 28, 2010

Iowa Governor Chet Culver says the Iowa Transportation Commission has approved more than $2.8 million for transportation infrastructure projects around the state.

The Iowa Transportation Commission OK'd up to $880,000 from the state-funded Public Transit Infrastructure Grant Program for a project supporting construction of new Coralville transit facilities to replace those destroyed by flooding; $369,494 for the city of Ottumwa, from the state's Revitalize Iowa's Sound Economy (RISE) program, to be used to assist with reconstruction of approximately 1,560 feet of Sixth Street in the Ottumwa Regional Airport Industrial Park; and five Federal Recreational Trail Program projects totaling $1.2 million — $226,526 for Clear Creek Trail Phase V, Part 2 (Coralville); $233,679 for Copper Creek Trail (Jackson County Conservation Board); $280,000 for Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR)/AmeriCorps Trails; $183,969 for Iowa Designated Off-Highway Vehicle Park renovation program; and $240,000 for Snowmobile Grooming Equipment Replace Project (DNR and Iowa State Snowmobile Association).

In addition, $443,532 has been approved for the city of Denison, from the state's RISE program, to assist with construction of approximately 1,720 feet of new roadway and turning lanes on U.S. 59 to provide access for a proposed professional office park.

"I believe investing in infrastructure is an investment in jobs," says Culver. "These projects will help address the unmet infrastructure needs which exist in these communities across the state, and most importantly, keep Iowans working."