By Heather Burlingame, Senior Production Editor | September 28, 2010

International Meritor Wabco brake systemInternational Truck and Engine now includes a "full-power" hydraulic brake system with anti-lock brakes on certain truck models. The Meritor Wabco system uses a dedicated electric pump instead of the truck's power steering pump to build fluid pressure, which is stored in accumulators near the wheels. Pressure thus goes to brake calipers quickly, reducing stopping distances, International says. The system also proportions brake force relative to varying axle load conditions. Because the master cylinder sends only a hydraulic signal to the accumulators, not hydraulic force itself, pedal travel is less and the pedal feels more responsive. The full power system has been standard since August on RXT, 3200 and 4000 Series 4x2 models and the 4200 4x4. They can be ordered with a strong spring-powered parking brake and automatic traction control.