Funding Impacts Plans to Reopen Ohio River Bridge

Jan. 19, 2024
The 1,800-foot structure's steel strands inside of it's support cables are deteriorating.

The Market Street Bridge that crosses the Ohio River from Brooke County, West Virginia, to Steubenville, Ohio, was closed by West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) officials Dec. 21 2023. WVDOT officials now say there are no funds to repair or replace the aging structure. 

According to a report from WV Public Broadcasting, the state Division of Highways said the 1,800-foot bridge's steel strands inside of the bridge's support cables have been deteriorating. 

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Jimmy Wriston, West Virginia transportation secretary, told lawmakers that none of the nearly 7,000 bridges in West Virginia would be open if they were not safe.

Wriston estimated the bridge would cost tens of millions of dollars to repair, which he said is not in the budget. 

The Division of Highways plans to inspect the bridge later in the month without a live load.

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