AEM Adds Two to Hall of Fame

Dec. 4, 2023
Akio Takeuchi and Susanne Coby honored for innovation.

Akio Takeuchi and Susanne Coby have been inducted into the Association of Equipment Manufacturers Hall of Fame.

Takeuchi is the founder of Takeuchi Manufacturing, starting the company in 1963 at the age of 29. He is credited with pioneering the compact equipment market.

“Akio Takeuchi’s strategic leadership within the compact equipment market, coupled with his attentive approach to customer needs and product development, has notably pioneered a distinct industry segment,” said Megan Tanel, AEM president.

The “Takeuchi Way” embraces the spirit of creation, challenge, and cooperation, according to AEM. Takeuchi listens to the ideas and opinions of the people who are closest to the end user. Takeuchi has always recognized the power of teamwork, believing there’s virtually no limit to what dedicated people can accomplish together. He has not only built a solid, quality-driven compact construction equipment company, he has also built a legacy.

Susanne Cobey joined Eagle Crusher Co. in 1970 as parts manager then advanced through multiple ranks to become president/CEO in 1990. She is credited with leading Eagle Crusher in innovating the recycling of concrete and asphalt in roadbuilding.

“Susanne Cobey, confronted with challenges in the crusher industry during the 1980s, ingeniously used Eagle Crusher’s technology to spearhead the pavement recycling sector, contributing significantly to concrete and asphalt waste reduction,” Tanel said.

The Eagle Crusher Jumbo 1400 was the first commercial recycling plant, built in 1984according to AEM, and not only created a new product line for the company but also a new industry. The plant was able to process high volumes of aggregate, concrete, and RAP, saving innumerable tons of concrete and asphalt from landfills. A whole line of portable horizontal impactor plants soon followed, creating a boon for the aggregate crushing, the recycled concrete and the RAP markets.

A female pioneer in a male-dominated industry, Cobey has dedicated herself to helping other women in the industry succeed, according to AEM. She has addressed the topic of women in the industry in numerous videos and news articles and serves as a key-note speaker and role model at many commencement addresses.

Watch the presentation below.