Indeco North America

September 28, 2010

Indeco North America has added the IRC Series rotary cutting head to its line of non-impact demolition tools. Designed for trenching and demolition applications, the new tool may find use, says Indeco, for loosening hard or frozen soil prior to digging, cutting small trenches in rock, tearing down buildings, underwater demolition, road work, tunneling and wall profiling. The IRC Series includes three models — IRC 800, IRC 1000 and IRC 2000 — for excavators weighing between 15 and 50 tons. Cutting width ranges from 33.5 to 47 inches, and tool weight from 2,900 to 5,900 pounds. Flow requirements are, respectively: 26-58; 36-66; and 47-89 gpm; pressure requirements are, respectively: 2,900-5,000; 3,000-5,000; and 3,000-5,800 psi.