Indeco IFP and IRP

By Walt Moore, Senior Editor | September 28, 2010

INDECOIndeco's IFP (fixed) and IRP (rotating) lines of pulverizers feature jaws designed to reduce the variation in force between the start and end of the crushing cycle. A regeneration (speed) valve allows the jaws to close more quickly under no-load conditions, which helps to reduce cycle time. Also, the distance between the cutters can be adjusted to cut rebar more efficiently. According to Indeco, the three IRP models, which rotate 360 degrees, are suitable for primary demolition chores and secondary processing of reinforced-concrete materials. They are designed for use with excavators ranging in weight from 21 to 55 tons. The IFP models, with operating weights of 3,800 to 7,100 pounds, are matched to excavators in the 19- to 55-ton range.