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IMT Mid-Range Articulating Cranes


Truck Mounted Cranes

The IMT 9 tm, 10 tm, 11 tm and 12 tm models have been enhanced with new options, features and ratings.

The 9/65, 10/72, 11/78 and 12/86 cranes have ratings ranging from 65,100 lb.-ft. to 86,075 lb.-ft. and maximum lift capacities from 8,380 pounds to 10,230 pounds. New features include SL (single link) or DL (dual link) options, 15-degree “overbending,” and weight reduced by 10 to 15 percent from previous models. Each crane can be fitted with up to five hydraulic extensions to provide application-specific reach.

The new cranes feature ultra-high tensile steel, and the mounting space required has been reduced to 2 feet 5 inches. A key feature standard on all IMT articulating crane models is the RCL (rated capacity limiter) 5300. The RCL system monitors the crane’s load moment, operation and function. In an overload situation, the system warns the operator and interrupts the distribution of oil for crane functions, while allowing functions that reduce load moment to remain operational. The RCL 5300 cooperates with the user and compensates when the RCL senses a situation requiring intervention.

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