IMT EDSC10 Service Truck Body

September 28, 2010



EDSC10 mechanics truck bodyThe newest addition to IMT's Dominator family of mechanics truck bodies, the compact EDSC10 is the lightest model in it class, addressing customer concerns about fuel economy and maneuvering in tight environments. Mounted on a Dodge or Freightliner Sprinter chassis, the EDSC10 fills a niche for customers not requiring a full-sized service truck, offering an 11-foot crane body rated for a 10,000-ft.-lb. crane. A typical mechanics truck gets about 8 mpg, compared to 18 to 20 mpg for the EDSC10 on a Sprinter chassis. Being fully integrated, the EDSC10 does not require the customer to add bumpers, outriggers or crane reinforcements. Estimated list price: $13,000 (crane body only).