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IMT 40/275, 50/345 Truck-Mounted Articulating Cranes


Truck Mounted Cranes

Iowa Mold Tooling has added two models to its line of truck-mounted articulating cranes: 40/275 and 50/345. Maximum lift capacity is 19,026 pounds for the 40/275 and 22,840 for the 50/345. Each can be equipped with up to eight hydraulic extensions for maximum horizontal reaches, 69 feet 11 inches for the 40/275 and 70 feet 3 inches for the 50/345. Ultra-high tensile steel reduces the crane’s weight, and also enables a high lift capacity at long reaches and increased payload capabilities, according to IMT. The mounting space required has been reduced to 3 feet 9 inches and 3 feet 11 inches, respectively, giving users additional options for truck configuration. A dual power plus link arm system (DL) provides for long reaches and lifting in high positions with demanding equipment (such as fly-jib and winch). It also provides precise and regular movements in the entire working, the company says. An “over-bending” feature, which means the working area between the main boom and the outer boom is no less than 195 degrees, offers greater flexibility when working through narrow passages and under overhead obstructions, the ability to lift maximum loads in all boom positions, and a lower total height when the crane is stowed on the truck body. The RCL (rated capacity limiter) 5300 monitors the crane’s load moment, operation and function. In an overload situation, the system warns the operator and interrupts the distribution of oil for crane functions, while allowing functions that reduce load moment to remain operational.

IMT Crane Specifications


  • Crane rating: 274,855 lb.-ft.
  • Horizontal reach: 69 feet 11 inches
  • Maximum lift capacity: 19,025 pounds
  • Lift capacity at minimum horizontal reach: 19,025 pounds
  • Operating weight: 7,165 pounds


  • Crane rating: 345,015 lb.-ft.
  • Horizontal reach: 70 feet 3 inches
  • Maximum lift capacity: 22,840 pounds
  • Lift capacity at minimum horizontal reach: 22,840 pounds
  • Operating weight: 8,180 pounds
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