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Rod Sutton, Editor in Chief, ASBPE Regional Award Winner | September 28, 2010

Rod Sutton, Editor in Chief, ASBPE Regional Award Winner
Rod Sutton, Editor in Chief, ASBPE Regional Award Winner

It's been only two years since the turn of the millennium, but the ready availability and sheer volume of information is already a hallmark of the 21st Century. For most of us, it's a challenge sifting everything in order to find the few kernels of knowledge that we actually need.

The editors of Construction Equipment have spent the past several months re-evaluating how this magazine, with its rich history of reporting key equipment information, can better help our readers through the sifting process. With this issue, we've redesigned the magazine to do just that.

Our research confirmed that new-product information is the No.1 priority for fleet managers, so we labored to make Construction Equipment more adept at reporting that information in a meaningful, useful manner. One simple way we do that is with color-coded pages. Each page has a colored square on the top and bottom. Red pages contain the latest product information; blue pages denote our features; and gold pages are our departments. The colors also appear on the Table of Contents, so readers can immediately navigate through the magazine.

We'll continue to provide the most new products each month of any equipment magazine, written so readers can learn quickly and easily what that machine does and how. We've expanded Market Watch and Market Watch Lite, our two new-product roundups, in order to put even more equipment introductions in print. Of course, our Equipment Reports will still provide in-depth analysis for products that warrant it, although with more attention to competitive comparisons.

Our features have a new look, a look designed to help readers move through the magazine. We've invested in photography and schematics to show what words sometimes can't convey. We've packaged the ideas and insight we bring in a more attainable manner, so each page contains easy-to-access information.

Please take a few extra minutes with this issue. Acquaint yourselves with the new design and see how much easier it is to find the ideas and insight that you've come to expect from Construction Equipment. We hope you'll agree that it continues to be the most informative magazine in the industry, and that its kernels of knowledge help you do your job a little bit better.

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