Hyundai Updates Three Wheeled Excavators

By Katie Weiler, Managing Editor | September 28, 2010

Hyundai says the 7 Series units' proportional pressure controls reduce unnecessary exertion while ensuring precise operation.

Hyundai Construction Equipment recently announced three new Robex 7 Series wheeled excavators with operating weights ranging from 29,760 to 45,200 pounds. Models R140W-7, R170W-7 and R200W-7 will replace the R130W-3, R170W-3 and R200W-3 machines. Hyundai says the "Dash 7" excavators deliver greater power, productivity and precision.

The new series features improvements to its exclusive Computer Aided Power Optimization (CAPO) management system, which is said to maintain engine and mutual pump power at optimum levels. It offers new mode controls and a self-diagnostic display system that provides technical information for 48 machine functions. Features such as auto deceleration and power boost are also included. The CAPO system allows operators to customize their Power Mode, Work Mode, and User Mode to handle specific jobsite conditions.

"The CAPO system maintains the optimum levels of engine performance and pump control so only the amount of oil necessary for maintaining high operating pressure is generated and used," says Dave Pooley, national service manager. "As a result, the system guarantees greater operator efficiency, lower fuel consumption, and a quieter operation."

The new, wider cab was designed to keep noise levels down, both internally and externally. The door seals for cab and engine compartments have been improved, and an insulated diesel-engine compartment has a sound-dampening material. Operators will also benefit from increased ventilation, thanks to a larger fresh-air intake system, additional airflow throughout the cab, sliding front and side windows, and a sunroof.

The adjustable control levers and seat provide a customized fit for different operators. Console boxes can slide forward and backward for easy accessibility. The units' proportional pressure controls reduce unnecessary exertion while ensuring precise operation, Hyundai says.

Engines from the previous Dash 3 machines have carried over into the Dash 7 Series. Model R140W-7 features a turbocharged 115-hp Cummins B3.9-C four-cylinder engine. Model R200W-7 features a turbocharged 166-hp Cummins B5.9-C six-cylinder engine. Both engines are claimed to have 40 percent fewer parts than their competitors' engines, meaning fewer parts to inventory, simplified repairs, and reduced weight. The engines also meet emissions standards without electronic engine controls. Model R170W-7 is powered by a 126-hp Mitsubishi S6S-DT six-cylinder, charged-air cooled engine.

Estimated list prices range from $156,366 to $218,950.

Comparative Specifications (16- to 17-metric-ton wheeled machines)
Company/Model Oper. Weight (metric tons) Arm Length Digging Depth Lift Over End (@ ground¡ªlbs.) Bucket Cap. (cu.yd.) HP
Caterpillar M315C 15.9 7'10" 18'2" 11,200 0.45¨C1.19 121
New Holland EW 160 16.1 9'6" 18'8" 10,500 0.47¨C1.33 95
Hyundai R170W-7 16.2 7'3" 17'9" 11,380 0.51¨C1.37 116
Liebherr A 900 C 17.0 7'4.6" 17'9" 11,905 0.33¨C1.11 120