Hydra-Tech S4VHL Vortex-Flow Pump

By Walt Moore, Senior Editor | September 28, 2010

S4VHL Vortex-Flow PumpThe Hydra-Tech product line includes a wide range of pump types, including vortex-flow, solids-handling, axial-flow and centrifugal-screw models, as well as pumps with agitators to move sand and slurries. The hydraulically powered S4VHL Vortex-Flow Pump (shown) has a 4-inch discharge port, a maximum flow of 750 gpm, and can handle 3-inch-diameter solids. Available with either an aluminum body (160 pounds) or a ductile-iron body (295 pounds), the pump will fit through a 20-inch manhole and has a maximum head of 210 feet. Hydraulic requirements include a 25 gpm flow and a 3,000-psi operating pressure.