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Husqvarna FS 5000 D/FS 7000 D Flat Saws

The FS 5000 D and FS 7000 D flat saws meet Tier 4-Final emission standards

February 05, 2014

According to Husqvarna Construction Products, the FS 5000 D and FS 7000 D flat saws meet Tier 4-Final emission standards using either a diesel oxidation catalyst (FS 7000 D) or particulate filter (FS 5000 D). Designed for small to medium jobs that require high production rates, says the company, the new saws are available with a single- or three-speed transmission and feature a digital display that facilitates speed adjustments. New controls are designed for comfort, convenience, and intuitive operation, says Husqvarna, and an optional electronic blade clutch instantly release power transmission.

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