How to Keep Rental Companies Clean: ARA

May 19, 2020
ARA Healthy Work Practices Guide

“Healthy Work Practices Guide” from the American Rental Association provides practical guidance on how to minimize exposure to Covid-19 to rental store customers, employees, and vendors.

Available to ARA members as part of its “Clean. Safe. Essential.” program, the guide is based on expertise from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO), as well as from rental operators and equipment manufacturers.

“Our industry has always been committed to safety—providing contractor partners with safe equipment and the training to use it properly is what ARA members do,” said CEO Tony Conant in a prepared statement. “But 2020 is redefining the word ‘safe.’ ARA is putting tremendous resources and energy into helping rental stores—which are essential to customer success—continue to provide a safe equipment rental experience in our new normal.”

The guide includes general information on microbes and viruses; personal protective equipment (PPE) considerations; cleaning supplies and equipment needed for social distancing; how to prepare a facility, vehicles, and employees for work; testing employees; and cleaning equipment.

Source: ARA