How to Choose a Hardhat Light


Hardhat with light.

Hard hat lights come with a range of features like adjustable brightness, different light modes, and rechargeable batteries. The best hardhat light for you depends on the activities you need it for, and the conditions you’ll encounter. Here are some of the features to consider when shopping for the best hard hat light, according to an article in Bob Vila: 

Built-in Lamps. Some hard hats come with a light attached. Certain models have built-in LED lights, while others have clips for snapping on a light. The benefit of built-in lamps is they won’t slip or bounce during work. The downside: the user must take off the hat to charge them.

Removable Batteries. Battery-powered hard hat lights are powered by lithium or alkaline batteries, which will need to be replaced after use. Removable batteries are a good choice for those using the hard hat infrequently. 

Built-in Batteries. Built-in batteries in hard hats are rechargeable. They’re a good choice for intensive and regular use, and they’ll save the user money on batteries. The downside is the downtime needed while charging.

Brightness. A light with 200 to 300 lumens will work for most people and most tasks, but certain bulbs can go up to 1,000 lumens. Hard hat lights with LED or CREE bulbs emit the strongest, brightest light, while Krypton or halogen bulbs emit weaker light.

Battery Life. A hard hat light probably won’t need to run for an entire eight-hour shift, but battery life is still worth considering. Many of the best hard hat lights have run times of over 30 hours, useful for switching on and off for almost an entire workweek. In general, the longest-lasting lights use LED bulbs.

Rechargeable Battery. Rechargeable batteries can last for several hours with a light set at its lowest output. Some offer run times of more than 20 hours on a charge, but they can take up to eight hours to fill back up with juice. 

Comfort. Bulky, heavy lights can make a hard hat front-heavy, which may require cinching the hat down. LED bulbs have made hard hat lights smaller and lighter because they use tiny AA and AAA battery sizes.

Functionality. Many hard hat lights come with straps or clips that attach them to the hats or just around the user’s head, allowing for hands-free work even when a hard hat isn’t necessary. Some hard hat lights feature adjustable outputs and different color LEDs, like red or green, according to Bob Vila.

Source: Bob Vila