Horton HTEC 1800 Fan, RCV1000 Fan Drive for Off-Highway Engine Cooling

November 22, 2016

The HTEC 1800 fan and RCV1000 fan drive are designed to provide engine-cooling solutions for customers in the off-highway industry.

The company says its Horton Thermoset Engineered Composite (HTEC) 1800 is a non-thermoplastic, patent-pending structural thermoset that delivers increased efficiency, a higher temperature and speed rating, corrosion resistance, reduced fuel consumption, significant noise reduction, and compatibility with Horton Modulator Fan Drives for variable-speed control. The HTEC 1800 fan is available in diameters of 47 to 72 inches, weighs 30 pounds and up, and has a maximum tip speed of 22,000 ft./min. The RCV1000 variable fan drive is engineered to use with the HTEC 1800 fan and provides cooling for large-bore diesel applications including mining trucks and power generators.