Horizontal Directional Drilling

September 28, 2010

Horizontal Directional Drilling is a trenchless technique of installing underground pipes and conduits that is gaining
in popularity. Besides enabling crossings underneath rivers, roads and structures where open trench techniques
would be impossible, HDD technology can help avoiding soil disturbance and the costs associated with an
excavated trench. Horizontal Directional Drilling can accomodate any size pipe or conduit.

ACP Articles on Horizontal Directional Drilling

Vermeer Introduces ""Bore Pilot""
Midwest Contractor -- 03/12/2007

Vermeer Manufacturing Company recently introduced Bore Pilot, a horizontal directional drilling (HDD) tutorial on CD
that aids contractors, civil engineers and operators in planning before, during and after the boring process.

Directional Drilling Crosses A Border
Construction Bulletin -- 03/05/2007

Dan Tehle would probably agree that some horizontal directional drilling projects are more challenging than others.
Tehle, telecommunications supervisor for Master Construction, recently supervised a nearly 1,500-foot bore beneath
the Red River of the North in Grand Forks, N.D. Long, deep bores, hazardous weather conditions and a job that
crossedboth the North Dakota and Minnesota state borders complicated this particular river-crossing project.

Horizontal Directional Drilling in the Mall
Texas Contractor -- 08/21/2006

The directional drilling equipment routinely used for installing underground utilities is turning up in some unusual
places as project and property owners become more aware of the benefits offered by this versatile trenchless technology.
Recently in Victoria, Texas, 2M Road Bore brought their compact horizontal directional drilling (HDD) unit into the middle
of Victoria Mall to install new power cable under the floors of the 675,800-square-foot retail facility owned by Hull
Storey Retail Group, Augusta, Georgia.

Boring That's Never Boring
Midwest Contractor -- 08/21/2006

Brian Dilday's profession takes him to places few other directional boring companies dare to go. The president and owner
of B&W Directional Boring Inc., based in McDonough, Ga., has drilled through solid ice, worked on NASCAR speedways,
assisted on homeland security projects, and tackled several challenging environmental projects.

Conduit Placed With Directional Drilling
Michigan Contractor and Builder -- 06/03/2006

Horizontal directional drilling was used to replace electrical lines that were deteriorating under Big Bass Lake
at Irons. ""The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality requests that we drill at least 10 feet below the lake. When
we started drilling, it was rock-hard clay and gravel mixed together and we had a difficult time drilling down and
steering out,"" Peter Roemer, of Roemer Utility Services said.

Numbers Speak for Themselves
Associated Construction Publications -- 06/01/2006

It's often said that numbers speak for themselves. This has proven true in the culvert-cleaning industry, where a
growing number of culverts have many contractors expanding their businesses to include a revolutionary new
culvert-cleaning method that uses horizontal directional drilling (HDD) machines.

To Trench Or Not to Trench
Midwest Contractor -- 04/24/2006

The Central Iowa Water Association operates and manages more than 4,000 miles of water pipeline that serves
more than 11,000 meter connections. With so much pipeline to maintain, it's not surprising that the association
invests in equipment that can make repair and new installation jobs easier.

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