Kubota U48-5 Excavator

May 13, 2021

Kubota U48-5 excavator is a new model. The tight tail swing excavator has an operating weight of 11,057 pounds and a maximum digging depth of 10 feet 8 inches.

The Kubota U48-5 excavator has a full-digital, full-color, 7-inch LCD screen with intuitive jog dial for single glance access to various functions such as auxiliary flow adjustment and important maintenance functions.

An optional keyless start is available on the Kubota U48-5 excvator where the engine can be started with a four-digit code. The system holds up to 10 user passwords for easy start and anti-theft functionality. With this new technology, operators no longer need to worry about lost keys.

The redesigned cab is larger with improved operator visibility. The Kubota excavator comes in a canopy or cab model, and now incorporates greater head and foot space. The cabin features expanded front glass for more visibility and an overall slimmer frame for front window, skylight, and left and right window increased visibility. It also lends itself to a more open side display for maintaining greater awareness of the operator’s total surroundings.

This newly designed cab was also engineered to reduce noise—rregistering at 74 decibels. The floor plate is thicker to further reduce noise, and rear engine noise is reduced by a metal partition between the engine and the cab.

Improved comfort features also include new optional air-ride suspension seat that is adjustable to easily slide back and forth to create even more added legroom when in the digging position. Standard LED working lights incorporate a shut-off delay to aid in exiting the machine at dusk or dark.



Kubota USA

Sept. 12, 2011