Vermeer R250C Reclaimer

May 30, 2017

The R250C modular mud reclaimer processes 520 gpm at a recommended consumption rate of 250 gpm with three stages of filtration. It has a 45-degree manifold, a balanced elliptical shaker motion, and scaled shaker deck.

The manifold separates sand and course silt. The elliptical shaker motion delivers the same motion with the center of gravity balanced on the motors. This carries lower-gravity solids over the shaker screens.

The shaker design includes a first-cut shaker bed of 32 square feet, and a second cut area of 18 square feet, incorporating a double-deck design that allows visibility to the bottom deck without sacrificing overall screen footage. The operator has 360-degree access to the shaker for washing and screen changes.

The reclaimer works best when paired with directional drills in the 100,000-pound class, the company says.