Volvo DD120C/DD140C Compactors

April 5, 2017

The DD120C and DD140C double-drum compactors have operating weights of 27,700 and 30,486 pounds, respectively, and respective rolling widths of 79 and 84 inches. According to Volvo, the new asphalt compactors combine high centrifugal force, heavy static weight, and variable amplitude for efficient compaction. The DD120C and DD140C are powered by the 148-horsepower Volvo D13J Tier 4-Final engine that delivers high torque at low rpm and is 20 percent more fuel-efficient than the engine in predecessor models.

The DD120C and DD140C can be outfitted with the Volvo Intelligent Compaction system (Compact Assist for Asphalt with Density Direct), which, says Volvo, is the industry’s first real-time density-mapping technology. Density Direct allows the operator to see real-time density values across 100 percent of the mat, says the company, and values are proved to be accurate to within 1.5 percent of actual in-place core densities when properly calibrated, says Volvo. Compact Assist also features pass mapping and temperature mapping, as well as data collection capabilities for integration with Veta data-management and analysis software, according to Volvo. The Compact Assist operating system is accessed via the Volvo Co-Pilot on-board interface.

The DD120C and DD140C also feature an automatic, variable-interval, water-spraying system, which is designed to provide uniform drum coverage and variable flow to prevent material pickup. A new water flow-rate calibration process enables the operator to set the minimum flow according to requirements.

The Impact Spacing Meter provides a visual reference for speed control to maintain proper impact spacing, says Volvo, resulting in consistent smoothness. The high-vibration-frequency system, delivering 4,000 vbm allows for optimal impact spacing at higher rolling speeds, says the company.