Lincoln Electric Air Vantage 600 SD Hydraulic Welder

March 20, 2017

The Air Vantage 600 SD Hydraulic engine-driven welder is a “four-in-one machine,” combining a 600-amp welder, 20,000-watt continuous AC generator, 60-cfm air compressor, and 10-gpm hydraulic pump. The Air Vantage 600 SD Hydraulic accommodates welding with up to a 0.25-inch stick and 0.12-inch flux-cored wire, as well as gouging capability with up to a 3/8-inch carbon.

The machine’s hydraulic pump allows replacing individual truck-mounted pump units and operates independently of  the truck engine, reducing truck-engine fuel consumption and run time, says Lincoln, thus reducing emissions, cutting maintenance costs, and prolonging truck- engine life. The on-board pump, says Lincoln, can run a variety of hydraulically powered equipment, including a truck-mounted boom, truck levelers, clamping fixtures, and impact guns.

 The Air Vantage 600 SD also can be used to power electric lights, grinders, and other common tools, as well as deliver compressed air for a variety of air-driven tools.