Takeuchi TB216H Hybrid Excavator

March 9, 2017

Takeuchi-US has released the first hybrid dual-powered excavator in its lineup with the TB216H compact excavator. The TB216H features both an electric motor and diesel engine with its own pump group to power the machine’s hydraulics. The dual-power feature enables the operator to work indoors or outdoors, greatly increasing versatility, says Takeuchi. According to the company, machine performance is consistent regardless of the power source. In diesel mode, the machine is powered by a Yanmar Tier 4-Final engine with 14.9 horsepower. For emissions-free environments, the machine can be powered its 14.2-horsepower electric motor.

The diesel engine is ideal, Say Takeuchi, for normal day-to-day operation, to load, unload, and power the machine to an enclosed jobsite, where the machine can be plugged into a 400-480-volt three-phase power source for 100 percent emission-free operation. Should the machine be connected to electric power while running the diesel engine, the diesel engine will automatically shut off and the machine will begin to run off electric power once the key has been cycled.

The TB216H has an operating weight of 4,277 pounds, maximum bucket breakout force of 4,250 pounds, and maximum arm crowd force of nearly 1,843 pounds. Maximum dig depth is 7 feet 10 inches, and maximum reach is 13 feet 5 inches. To access a wide range of job sites and indoor applications, the TB216H features a retractable undercarriage that narrows from 51.2 inches to 38.6 inches.