Grove TMS9000-2 Truck Crane

March 8, 2017

“Lighter, longer, stronger.” Those words, says The Manitowoc Co., builder of Grove cranes, reflect the basic engineering approach when designing the new Grove TMS9000-2 truck crane, which the company calls its “next-generation truck crane.”

The new 115-ton-capacity crane features a number of improvements, compared with previous models, that will enable owners to increase their utilization and lifting capabilities, says Manitowoc. The new crane is lighter, says the company, thus increasing its“roadability” in terms of complying with North American gross-vehicle-weight requirements. The new model also has a longer boom, which, says Manitowoc, increases reach and enables users to complete a wider variety of applications. And the crane is stronger, says the company, with revised load charts for all counterweight configurations.

The TMS9000-2 is approximately 800 pounds lighter than its predecessor, the TMS9000E, and the reduction in weight, says Manitowoc, enables added capability for carrying counterweight, cribbing, and related items for a wider variety of applications. The “optimized” truck crane will meet a diverse range of road regulations across North America, says the company.

Though the TMS9000-2 is lighter, says Manitowoc, its boom length and capacity have both increased. The crane features a new 169.3-foot, six-section MEGAFORM boom that usesthe Grove Twin-Lock pinning system and requires no grease.Manual or hydraulic swing-away jibs are available, along with additional inserts.On average, according to Manitowoc, load charts for the new model (with maximum counterweight)have improved about 5 percent, compared with its predecessor’s load chart. The new model also shares the same counterweight system as the TMS9000E, allowing owners to interchange counterweights and wing weights.

The TMS9000-2 uses the Manitowoc Crane Control System (CCS), providing six predefined boom sequences to maximize crane utilization, says Manitowoc, and also incorporating features from CCS-equipped Grove all-terrain models, including an intuitive Boom Configurator Mode that facilitates selecting the optimum boom position and length for a specific lift. The operator enters lift parameters,and the system calculates the optimum configuration.Also, new four-position outrigger system provides greater set-up flexibility, says Manitowoc. 

Along with CCS, the crane’s cab features a new air-conditioning system, ergonomic controls, and a series of cameras to assist operators both while driving and lifting. Reverse and passenger-side blind-spot cameras help operators maneuver, and when lifting, a camera provides visibility the hoists.