Liebherr Rough-Terrain Cranes

March 8, 2017

Liebherr has extended its mobile-crane product range with an additional series of rough-terrain (RT) cranes: the 100-ton-capacity LRT 1090-2.1 and 110-ton-capacity LRT 1100-2.1.The development of the new generation of Liebherr rough-terrain cranes, says the company, was guided by extensive market surveys and analyses of the requirements for today’s RT cranes, particularly in the North Americamarket. In addition to the capacity of the cranes, their safety from ease of operation was one of the main focal points for the development of the new crane models, says Liebherr.

The two newly designed LRT cranes are based on the same basic technical concepts, with similar chassis and turntables, but with differences in the boom length, telescoping technology, ballast weight, and lifting capacity.

High safety levels were the main priority for the design of the new cranes, says Liebherr, including an outrigger monitoring system. The crane’s support status—on tires or outriggers—is detected automatically and saved to the crane controller. The attachment of the ballast to the turntable and the installation of the optional double folding jib, including its angle adjustment, are also recorded and monitored.

The VarioBase (variable-support base) developed by Liebherr is standard on the new LRT cranes, which makes an important contribution to enhancing safety, says the company. VarioBase allows each individual outrigger beam to be extended to optional lengths. The crane work is controlled by the load moment limiter within the LICCON controller, which calculates the maximum load capacities for the current situation. VarioBasealso provides greater flexibility on site, says Liebherr, resulting from increased lifting capacities when hoisting over the supports. According to Liebherr, the crane can hoist loads normally reserved for the next-higher crane class.

Safety also is enhanced, says Liebherr, by providing greater comfort for the crane operator. The cabin is 8.5 inches wider, compared with other standard cabins, says the company, and can be tilted backwards to provide greater comfort when hoisting loads to great heights. A cooler and USB charging socket are standard features in the cabin. Ladders and a large number of handles, plus and an electrically extending platform on the cabin, assist safe access to the cranesays Liebherr.