Komatsu D51 EX/PX-24 Crawler Dozer

March 10, 2017

The D51 EX/PX-24 131-horsepower crawler dozer is T4-F with 13 percent higher fuel efficiency than its predecessor. Programmable auto-idle shutdown helps reduce unproductive idle time and saves fuel. The economy mode setting and electronically controlled, hydraulic hydrostatic technology work together with the improved engine efficiency to help reduce overall fuel consumption by up to 13 percent.

Two operator selectable transmission modes—quick-shift, three-speed mode; and a variable, 20-speed mode—provide options to suit operator preference and application. A rear-mounted, high-capacity radiator with tilt-up, reversible fan module, eases maintainence and access to cooler cores. A new, triple labyrinth final drive housing design with debris shields provides additional protection to the final drive floating seals.

The PX model, high-capacity blade with wear-resistant moldboard, can increase production by 15 percent, compared to the previous model.




Sept. 7, 2011