BOMAG BM 2200/75 Milling Machine

March 6, 2017

The BOMAG BM 2200/75 cold mill, using a 760-horsepower engine, can mill “half-lane” widths reaching to 86.6 inches at depths of to 13.8 inches. The machine can be fitted with a range of optional quick-change milling drums, says BOMAG, allowing the user to switch from the standard drum for general milling to a fine-milling mandrel for close tooth spacing in demanding applications.

The BM2200/75 features the BOMAG BMS 15 milling tooth holder system that is a bolt-on design and maintenance-free, says the company. Featuring a low-resistance profile, the tapered tooth retainer claw delivers more cutting power with less wear, says BOMAG. When cutting-tool changing is required, the holder’s quick-change design requires approximately 25 percent of the time required to change a full set of teeth, compared with conventional systems, says BOMAG. The base section of the cutting-tool holder is identical for all drums, and material ejector plates have a symmetrical design, allowing them to be rotated and used twice. The drum’s heavily loaded edge cutter is protected by hardened chromium-carbide wear elements, and easy access to the tool edge shortens the time for tooth exchange, says the company.

The BM 2200/75 uses a 35.4-inch-wide inner and outer conveyer system that removes material from the cutting chamber at a flow rate of 285.5 fete/minute. The outer conveyor swivels 60 degrees right or left of center, discharging material at a height of 16.4 feet and allowing it to convey material to trucks positioned at either side of the machine. For machine transport, the conveyor hydraulically folds to reduce machine height and length.

An integrated service platform facilitates daily maintenance, and all major service points, including the water system, air filter, cooling system, and engine components are centralized for access, and high-visibility markings help the technician locate machine service points. The mill’s standard auxiliary one-cylinder engine provides supplemental power for refilling water tanks, cutting tooth replacement, and machine cleaning.

Mounted on rubber isolation buffers, the operator platform design minimizes vibration to the operator. The rotor and platform’s central machine positioning gives the operator excellent view of both edges of the cutter housing and the entire working area, says the company.

The four-crawler BM 2200/75 features all-crawler steering and crab walk and delivers a maximum working speed of 0- 229.7 fpm (0-70m/min). Simple selection of three milling speeds (ECO/Torque, Universal, and Speed) via a three-stage switch, says BOMAG, provides optimal utilization of torque and power for higher productivity with reduced fuel consumption and less wear.