Ditch Witch JT40 Horizontal Directional Drill

March 8, 2017

Ditch Witch has expanded its line of horizontal direction drills (HDD) with the recent addition of the model JT40. The design philosophy behind the JT40, says Ditch Witch, is “to equip utility contractors with the latest technology for optimal drilling productivity.”

According to the company, the JT40 is designed with “next-generation enhancements” that include several patent-pending features that promote productivity and operator comfort. The JT40 is compact, reducing its job-site footprint, says Ditch Witch, and the new model has increased pipe-rack capacity, compared with previous models.

With an overall length of 290 inches, the 160-horsepower (gross), Cummins-powered JT40 features thrust/pullback forces of 40,000 pounds, 5,500 lb.-ft. of spindle torque from a two-speed drive system, maximum spindle speed of 225 rpm, and carriage speeds of 180 fpm for both thrust and pullback.

The unit is equipped with a 70-gpm/1,100-psi mud pump and holds 600 feet of drill pipe onboard. Patent-pending features include a reversible pipe box for added versatility and open-sided vise wrenches that are rotated toward the operator for increased visibility.

The new unit is equipped with two, 7-inch LED displays for a direct, transparent view into all critical machine functions and diagnostics, says Ditch Witch. In addition to the digital displays, the machine’s real-time carriage-position indicator tells the operator the exact carriage location. A multifunctional, radial, operator control is highlighted on the display for better control efficiency, says Ditch Witch, including mud flow and rotation. Tracker information is integrated into the advanced displays for enhanced visibility into all job-site functions beyond drill operation, says the company.

The JT40 minimizes pipe-entry distance, says Ditch Witch, providing increased drill-pipe support as the drill string enters the ground. The new model also features a unique add-a-pipe design, which allows manually inserting multiple sticks of drill pipe once the pipe box is empty.

Operator-station choices are the standard open configuration with integrated vandal covers or the  optional fully enclosed cab that includes a climate–control system. Both configurations, says Ditch Witch, have a premium ergonomic seat, provide extended legroom, and place the operator at a 45-degree angle, which provides enhanced visibility to critical areas of machine operation, such as ground entrance, wrenches, shuttle-retract location, and rear connection.

Fold-out, lift-off service doors allow easy access to daily maintenance points, says the company, and, to further simplify routine maintenance, the machine has no grease points that require daily service.



Ditch Witch

Sept. 12, 2011