John Deere 90-inch Severe-Duty Construction Buckets Feature Serrated Edge Reversible to a Smooth Side

Dec. 21, 2016

Designed to take advantage of the performance and boom design of its large-frame 332G skid steer and 333G CTL, John Deere offers 90-inch Severe-Duty Construction Buckets.

Available with a serrated edge or as a tooth bucket, the 90-inch buckets come standard with a serrated edge that’s reversible to a smooth side. The serrated side is efficient for cutting a graded surface, loosening hard-to-penetrate materials, such as packed gravel, or breaking up frozen ground. The smooth side cutting edge is more efficient for fine, finish-grade work and back-dragging materials. Bucket teeth are also available as an option. The welded-on teeth increase digging ability and help cut into rocky soil, scoop loose dirt, or dig out roots, Deere says.