Potain Hup 40-30 Self-Erecting Crane

Oct. 5, 2016

The Hup 40-30 self-erecting crane has a 131-foot jib with 16 configurations. Maximum capacity is 4.4 tons, and it can lift 1.1 tons at jib end. A telescopic mast provides height under hook from 84 to 98 feet.

The luffing jib has three positions: horizontal, 10 degrees, and 20 degrees. The crane has a slewing radius that allows it to be positioned close to buildings, and it measures 46 feet long when folded for transport.

The remote control unit has a large color screen, and Smart Set Up software delivers on-screen, step-by-step information during erection. It also enables automatic folding and unfolding. Three selectable profiles for operators vary the working speed of the crane: “dynamic,” for quick and easy lifting; “standard,” for typical lifting applications; and “high precision,” for precise load positioning.

The Potain Hup range replaces existing Igo models of self-erecting cranes. See our Field Test of the Igo 50.