Hamm GRW 280i Pneumatic Compactors

April 1, 2014

The GRW 280i series pneumatic compactors has been updated with 114-horsepower Deutz Tier 4-Interim engines. Redesigned frame includes viewing channels the provide a view of the edges and the tires of the outer wheels. Each unit in the series can compact up to 82-inch widths.The revised ballast compartment improves users’ ability to vary the operating weight. The operator’s platform rests on a newly designed, asymmetrical frame. A single driver’s seat can be moved and pivoted at the side toward the machine’s outer edges and along with the console.

Hamm GRW 290i Pneumatic Compactor Operating Weights

  • GRW 280i-10: 19,371 pounds
  • GRW 280i-15: 29,076 pounds
  • GRW 280i-20: 38,209 pounds
  • GRW 280i-25: 49,754 pounds
  • GRW 280i-30: 58,947 pounds