Atlas Copco Dynapac CT3000 Compactor

March 11, 2014

Atlas Copco’s Dynapac CT3000 tamping compactor is designed for large-volume work on cohesive and semi-cohesive soils. With an operating weight of 25 tons and an average production capacity of 1,046 cubic yards per hour, the unit is driven by a 260-horsepower Cummins turbo-diesel engine. The front oscillating axle works independently of the optional strike-off blade and the rigid rear axle. This enables the blade to work in a permanently level position and ensures uniform distribution of soil on any type of terrain, the company says. The square pads of the compacting drums have been optimized in size and pattern to maximize the energy transmitted to the soil for uniform compaction density with minimum scarification. Also, the drums are offset by the width of a pad so that the rear drum compacts areas that have not been compacted by the front drum. As a result, a double pass of the machine results in a compaction width of 14.5 feet.