Husqvarna Plans Blastrac & Diamatic Integration

Dec. 10, 2021

Husqvarna Construction has announced plans to further consolidate brands in the surface preparation segment.

Over the coming years, the recently acquired Blastrac and Diamatic products, services, and solutions will be rebranded as Husqvarna and integrated into the global Husqvarna offering.

In January 2021, Husqvarna completed the acquisition of Blastrac, a leading provider of surface preparation equipment and solutions for the global construction and remediation industry.

“We have now built one strong team with the commitment to deliver the best possible experience to our broad range of customers," says Stijn Verherstraeten, VP, Concrete Surfaces & Floors, at Husqvarna. "With our combined expertise and our wider offering we are ready to serve our customers and shape the surface preparation industry for tomorrow.”

The additional offering will enhance the existing Husqvarna surface preparation portfolio by bringing advanced shot-blasting, scraping, and scarifying solutions to Husqvarna customers and partners.

In turn, Blastrac customers and partners will gain access to adjacent products such as compactors, concrete placement equipment, sawing and drilling equipment, and demolition robots, as well as a wide (digital) service offering.

“We really look forward to giving our customers access to the best and broadest surface preparation range in the industry–paired with what is probably the most competent and passionate team and all of this under one strong brand," says Verherstraeten. "We will build on the combined surface preparation portfolio and will further invest in innovation leadership over the years to come to make sure our customers can always count on us to complete their work in the most productive, sustainable, and safe manner.”

The first wave of rebranded Blastrac and Diamatic products will be launched mid-2022 and will further shape and complement the Husqvarna offering for floor grinding, scarifying, and scraping. The second wave, targeting spring 2023, will include shot-blasting solutions and associated dust extractors.

Source: Husqvarna