Robot Builds House with Large Blocks

Nov. 17, 2021

A robot in Australia has successfully built a house using clay blocks 12 times the size of standard bricks used in Europe.

The Hadrian X brick-laying robot, developed by FBR, built the structure using Wienerberger’s largest Porotherm clay blocks, imported to Australia from Europe. It built the structure on its outdoor test slab in a style commonly found in Europe, featuring gable ends approximately five metres high.

The Wienerberger blocks used in the structure are the largest blocks ever used by the Hadrian X and the largest produced by Wienerberger, and the first clay blocks to be passed through the robot. FBR used two different block types: double leaf blocks for the external walls and single leaf blocks for the internal walls to form a monolithic wall system approved for use in European markets.

According to FBR, the completion of the pilot Program sufficiently demonstrates the ability of the Hadrian X to work with the architectural style and construction materials commonly found in the European market, where an estimated 700,000 new low-rise homes are built each year.

Source: FBR