Cat Grade Available for Mini Excavators

Nov. 11, 2021

Caterpillar now offers Cat Grade technologies as an aftermarket option for mini excavators. Cat Grade with Advanced 2D or Cat Grade with 3D can be fitted to next-generation excavators in the 6- to 10-ton class range.  

The product’s modular components come in a field kit for quick installation, according to Caterpillar, and “seamlessly” integrate into the excavator electronics infrastructure.

Both aftermarket grade technologies mirror the capabilities of larger Cat excavators operating Cat Grade with Advanced 2D or 3D systems, allowing the equipment to reach target grade quickly. A separate 10-inch high-resolution touchscreen monitor allows operators to view, create, and work site designs inside the cab. Automatics deliver single-joystick control over the stick and bucket to maintain grade and avoid overcutting and undercutting.

Cat Grade with Advanced 2D uses on-board processors and fast-response sensors to deliver real-time bucket tip and elevation guidance on the touchscreen monitor. This technology gives operators the ability to create and work to basic site designs, while grade design edits can easily be made from the operator’s seat. Field installation of the technology includes the hardware, sensors and dedicated monitor for grade plan creation, editing and viewing.

Using GPS and GLONASS systems to pinpoint the excavator’s exact location, Cat Grade with 3D allows multiple machines to grade to complex job site designs. The monitor shows bucket position throughout the full range of the digging motion, while height and depth audio alerts indicate when desired grade has been reached to protect from overcutting or undercutting. Beyond the hardware and sensors, including monitor, required for Grade with Advanced 2D, installation of Grade with 3D also requires GNSS receivers and antennas.

Source: Caterpillar