Navistar, In-Charge Offer Fleet Charging Program

Nov. 2, 2021

Navistar and In-Charge Energy are offering a charging infrastructure program to provide electric vehicle (EV) fleet customers with carbon neutral electricity.

“As an increasing number of customers are exploring, investing in and adopting electric powertrains for buses and trucks, they have questions about where the electricity comes from,” said Jason Gies, VP eMobility Business Development for Navistar, in a prepared statement. “Through this offering, we can proudly tell our customers and their community stakeholders that their entire fleet can be entirely clean energy no matter where the fleet operates.”

In-Charge Energy's fleet-focused In-Control software platform automates the process of collecting EV charging energy information and with a single click calculates the carbon impact of fueling. The company has entered into contracts for Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to convert energy consumed by fleets to 100 percent renewable sources. With this solution, Navistar and other In-Charge customers can access carbon-free power and seamless acquisition, operation, certification, and reporting, according to the company.

In California, Oregon, and British Columbia, Canada most companies can earn Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits when they charge their vehicles. The partnership of Navistar and In-Charge allows fleet managers to focus on managing their fleets while In-Control manages the LCFS credit generation and credits on energy markets for cash.

In other parts of the U.S. and Canada, In-Charge customers have the option to buy In-Charge Carbon-Free Credits, which offsets a fleet’s carbon emissions. With these credits, In-Charge and Navistar customers can purchase verified clean, renewable energy to reduce the environmental impact of their electricity use for EV charging, enabling them to go completely carbon neutral.

“We have assembled the most experienced team in North America for fleet electrification, and the team is making it easier for fleets to maximize the cost savings and environmental benefits of electrification,” said Terry O'Day, COO of In-Charge Energy, in a statement.

Source: Navistar