DOT Worker Rescues Truck Driver

Oct. 14, 2021

Alan Ingle, a Highway Maintainer with the Illinois Department of Transportation, rescued a truck driver from her overturned heavy truck on Interstate 70.

According to IDOT, Ingle was hauling rock from the Casey gravel pit to Effingham when he saw the semi flip and land in a ditch as it was traveling southwest on Interstate 70.

First, he warned oncoming traffic of the crash by turning on his truck’s hazard lights and straddling the vehicle across the traffic lanes. Once he arrived at the scene of the crash, he noticed that fuel was leaking. He hopped on the cab and determined that the driver was conscious but confused. Ingle was able to reassure her that everything would be okay and helped her and her dogs get out of the cab. The driver walked away with minor scrapes and bruises.

“It was very apparent that the truck tractor was leaking diesel fuel from the tanks all over the underside of parts of the engine,” IDOT quoted Illinois State Trooper Ryan Mayhaus as saying. “The truck tractor could have easily caught fire with the driver still inside. Mr. Ingle was able to help the driver before fire, EMS or any troopers could get to the scene. It is my opinion that Mr. Ingle helped save a life.”

Ingle isn’t a stranger to being in the right place at the right time. Earlier this year, he and a coworker came upon an overturned camper that was on fire. Equipped with military experience and training as a volunteer with the Toledo Fire Department, he was able to act quickly to extinguish the fire. Ingle said that he does not view the rescue as heroic.

“It’s part of our job to ensure the safety of the traveling public,” Ingle said.

And that is exactly what he did. “I am grateful for Ingle’s quick thinking and that we have many such employees across the state who spring into action to assist those in need,” said Region 4 Engineer Jeff Myers.

Source: IDOT