CGA Releases New Best Practices Guide

July 23, 2021

Common Ground Alliance (CGA) has released the Best Practices Guide 18.0, a resource in underground damage prevention. 

The Best Practices Guide includes over 160 Best Practices established by a consensus of CGA’s 16 stakeholder groups that provide damage prevention recommendations based on practices currently being utilized, categorized by six key industry areas to provide guidance along the entire safe digging process: One Call Center, Facility Owner, Excavator, Locator, Project Owner and Designer. 

The new guide includes two new Best Practices and an addition to Appendix B: Uniform Color Code and Marking Guidelines that reflect recent technology advancements being utilized in damage prevention:

  • Best Practice 2-19: Underground Electronic Utility Markers: Underground electronic utility markers are an effective way to enable accurate locating and verification of underground facilities.
  • Best Practice 6-19: As-Built Mapping of Underground Electronic Utility Markers: The location of underground electronic utility markers is identified on as-built mapping, GIS mapping, and/or other underground facility mapping documents.
  • Addition to Appendix B: Uniform Color Code and Marking Guidelines: Guidelines for Underground Electronic Utility Marker Technology

The Best Practices Guide 18.0 can be viewed in full on CGA’s website at, and print copies of the Guide are available for purchase by CGA members.