[VIDEO] Dump Truck Crashes Into Bridge

July 19, 2021

A dump truck driving on Georgia's I-16 crashed into the state's GA 86 overpass bridge on Thursday morning. The collision damaged the structure so severely, it shifted six feet during the incident.

According to several reports, the bed of the dump truck was in the upward position when it struck the overpass bridge and shifted it out of its support. Part of it is currently suspended in mid-air. 

No one was injured following the crash, though large sections of the highway were shut down shortly after, causing “dynamic traffic issues” according to Carscoops.

According to a report in 11 Alive, the state does not currently have the time to replace the GA 86 bridge, and will instead demolish and rebuild it at a later date. Commissioner Russell McMurry told the outlet that the highway is a very minor state route that only has about 200 to 300 cars on it per day. 

Crews began demolishing the bridge Friday morning. Depending on the demolition, I-16 is expected to fully re-open by mid to late week. 

I-16 is the main route between metro Atlanta, Savannah, and Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. The bridge is about 150 miles southeast of Atlanta.