Ritchie Bros. Announces Rouse Appraisal Services

April 15, 2021

Fleet managers are gaining a new choice for equipment and truck appraisal as Ritchie Bros. and Rouse Services have combined their two appraisal businesses following Ritchie Bros.' acquisition of Rouse last year.

"Our appraisers are armed with the richest dataset anywhere in the industry," said Raffi Aharonian, managing director, Rouse Appraisals. "We can also directly connect customers to Ritchie Bros.' disposition solutions, should they choose to go that route post appraisal."

Rouse Appraisal Services will offer appraisals and detailed inspections for a wide variety of use cases, including asset-based lending, company- and contractor-driven needs, M&A support, and residual values for leasing institutions.

"Our goal is to help customers through all stages of an asset's life cycle, whether that be purchase, inspection, appraisal, or sale," Aharonian said. "All these services are available through Ritchie Bros.' end-to-end asset management and disposition system: RB Asset Solutions."