Husqvarna Integrates HTC Products

March 17, 2021

Husqvarna Construction has integrated the HTC products, services, and solutions into the global Husqvarna Construction offering to the surface preparation industry. The rebranded range is promoted under the tagline “The Orange Evolution” and includes several new products.

By combining two existing ecosystems, Husqvarna said it offers floor grinding customers a much wider choice of products, features, and solutions: all under one roof and one brand.

“We are thrilled to introduce the most comprehensive product range on this growing market for surface preparation,” said Stijn Verherstraeten, VP concrete surfaces and floors, in a prepared statement. “With this powerful combination we open up a whole new world of options for our customers.”

New products include:

  • a new family of high-performing polishing tools
  • a tool holder “Multi” allowing to fit both Redi Lock and EZchange tools
  • a  new portfolio of edge grinding tools for hand-held grinders
  • a new range of chemicals for the creation and maintenance of polished concrete floors
  • an enhanced process of the Superfloor method to polish concrete floors.

“We are committed to developing the floor grinding industry, we strongly believe in the benefits of polished concrete floors and we want to help our customers win interesting flooring projects as well as complete their work in the most productive, sustainable and safe manner,” Verherstraeten said.

Source: Husqvarna