[VIDEO] Industrial A/C Falls from Helicopter

Jan. 13, 2021

An industrial air conditioning unit fell roughly 40 feet from a helicopter onto a downtown construction worksite Saturday morning. The incident occurred when cables lifting the cooling tower broke as the helicopter was rising sending the metal equipment—roughly the size of a truck—slamming into the street. The accident sent workers running for cover, according to Marin Independent Journal. 

According to SFIST, the cooling unit was approximately the size of a box truck.

Rudi Tcruz, an eyewitness, had gone for a walk with his brother, to watch the construction work and take photos. In recent days, the Sikorsky Skycrane helicopter has been lifting air conditioning units and other equipment onto the roof of nearby buildings, drawing the attention of local residents.

“You could definitely see the dismay,” he said of the construction workers. “One of the guys, as it crashed, turned around and ripped off his helmet.”

According to Marin Independent Journal, videos show that the helicopter, which can lift up to 25,000 pounds, did not have its flight stability altered when the huge weight fell. It continued to hover over the street. 

While debris reportedly shot out 10 to 15 yards from the drop, no one was injured on the scene.