[PHOTOS] Seattle Co. Holds Holiday Lights Crane Contest

Dec. 22, 2020

Linden Comansa, a Washington State-based rental company, held a holiday lights contest for decorating tower cranes on numerous job sites across Seattle and its surrounding area. You can vote for your favorite crane on the Linden Comansa Facebook page. 

Below is a photo of each entry:

Exxel Pacific decked their crane out in “Seahawk blue and green” according to a Linden Comsa Facebook post.

Andersen Construction showcased a multicolored design with a candy cane design on the tower. Andersen also adorned the jib in Seahawk blue and green. “This crane is the first thing you will see when you drive into Seattle on I-5,” the company said. 

Alliance Residential Co. decorated with its classic blue jib LED lights, according to Linden Comansa.

GLY Construction decorated with Christmas green and red, and added a snowflake design that is synchronized to look like falling snow.

Sellen Construction decorated their crane with all-white lighting.

Turner Construction Seattle’s tower crane showcases a solid green light, and is in the South Lake Union area of Seattle, according to Linden Comansa. “Something about a Comansa Tower Crane in the shadows of the Space Needle around Christmas just feels right,” the company said.

The Walsh Group’s green and red crane also has some jingle bell lights on on the counter-jib.

Mortenson took first place in the lights competition during the last contest. This year, they sported Seattle Kraken colors in support for the city’s new NHL team, according to the company.