IoT Systems Help Social Distancing

April 23, 2020

Several workers are concerned about how to properly execute social distancing on-site so work can be completed safely. As a result, new products aiming to assist these workers are beginning to surface. 

One example,, identifies workers who might be working too closely to each other, or in packs larger than 10, which would violate OSHA distancing guidelines. The software automatically detects safety hazards in jobsite photos. It also captures field observations, measures safety compliance trends, and implements a company-wide searchable photo and video platform so claims documentation is never lost,

Proximity TraceTM provides active feedback in the form of a visual and audible alarm, so individuals know when to adjust their current distance. It also collects worker interactions for contact tracing should someone test Covid-19 positive. The TraceTag is affixed to any hardhat or lanyard for proximity detection and contact tracing. The system includes:

TraceTag: Real-time audible alert for close contact interactions, which records worker interactions for contact tracing. Rechargeable battery with weeks to months of battery life between charges.

Gateway: Logs headcount/ attendance, transmits interactions to cloud. Can facilitate remote configurations, including sounds.

Alert: Real-time audible alert and flashing red LED will be emitted when worker interaction is registered. Alert and LED can be turned off for contact tracing only. Escalation alert allows warning beep for timely distance correction; alarm increases in intensity if distance is not corrected. Alarm can be silenced or temporarily disabled with a button push.

Dashboard/Data: Headcount/attendance. Worker profile management. Device management and administration. Self-service contact tracing report; data includes timestamp, duration of interaction and participants. 

OxBlue, an Atlanta-based company, has also announced the development of artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology for enhancing social distancing awareness on construction sites. As the crisis began to worsen, the company began to analyze data at a national level in order to measure the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on construction activity levels across the United States.